Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

    Edward Gregory Velásquez Fernández, 40, is in captivity after being deprived of his freedom (detained, apprehended, captured, or kidnapped) last Thursday in the northern area of ​​Altamira, where he allegedly had an office.

    However, in the early hours of the morning it was learned that some alleged officials wearing clothes alluding to the FAES of the PNB, who were traveling in an Orinoco model vehicle, Chery brand, and without registration or identification, arrived at the “El Samán” building located in the Campo Alegre urbanization.

    The subjects allegedly broke into the building threatening the security guard at the residence, and went up to the 5th floor, apartment 5A, where Velásquez supposedly lives. It is unknown whether they stole or stole property from the property.

    This Monday a video was shot on social networks where they show how the FAES locks up the agricultural producer in his home and his workers, while others receive the order to open a huge hole. The producer manages to call the Police who appear and this meeting occurs:




    After the police made an appearance, they noticed that part of the personnel had finished the hole that the Faes allegedly ordered to open, but the purpose of the huge hole is unknown. What was the intention really? Why did they lock up the agricultural producer and his staff?




    With information from LaPatilla