Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

    There are a wide variety of trainings available to learn finance, programming, artificial intelligence, history, or digital marketing with faculty from the world’s most prestigious universities. Artificial intelligence, negotiation and updating strategies in health matters. Those are some of the many free and online courses that can be found available that can be useful in times of quarantine. Many are trainings offered by the world’s most prestigious universities such as Yale, Harvard or Stanford. These types of short, open courses are known as MOOCs, which stands for “Massive Open Online Courses.” There is a large offer of training that can be accessed by visiting the elearning platforms, among which are Coursera, EdX and Udemy. For those aiming to develop marketing insights and other digital tools to power their online business, Google’s free online training academy, Garage Digital may be a good option.


    platforms works very similarly. In this case, we tested the Coursera option. Once we enter the site ( or the mobile application, we can select to view only those courses related to the subject we want to study, such as Computer Science. Then you have to enter the course that interests us. It will be seen that some trainings are free and others are not, because they are part of specializations that require the payment of a subscription. If you want to view only the free options then the best option is to directly apply this filter from the beginning:
    In this sense, you have to enter Coursera, and write "free" or "free course" in the search engine and there the filtered offer of short courses, open and free to do.