Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

    The politicized case of Matías Salazar is back in the news, but this time the plot looks unfavorable for the prosecutor Katherine Nataly Botardo Pereira, who will be held accountable for her illegitimate acts.

    It was proven that the prosecutor Katherine Botardo settled the case against the Spanish citizen Mathias Salazar. Faced with such events, the prosecutor investigated the prosecutor Botardo.

    The innocence is proven and that everything was a set up against Mathias Salazar.

    Tomorrow, November 17, everything will be exposed to the national and international media about the plot that was put together against the citizen of Spanish nationality Mathias Salazar.

    Let us remember that during the first week of last February 2020, the Aragua State Assistant Prosecutor Katherine Nataly Botardo Pereira made one of the “most ruthless accusations” known in Venezuela.

    “In cold blood and complicity” this prosecutor was the protagonist of fabricating in less than 24 hours a file plagued with incongruous and inconsistent accusations against the Venezuelan-Spanish citizen Matías Salazar. “A true monster who tried to evade justice.”

    Despite the great efforts announced by the Attorney General of the Republic Tarek William Saab to try to clean up what he called a “new type of corruption within the Public Ministry that affects the Justice system”, certain prosecutors still prefer to continue running the risk of extravagant with justice.

    “Neither the bunch of keys, nor the small radio, nor the induced rescues, nor the Disney movie, nor the crazy 30-year captivity” were enough simulations for the prosecutor Botardo to continue trying to materialize her macabre accusation.

    Another of his events was the misappropriation of Matías Salazar’s cell phone, for his personal use.

    As reported on February 11 by the lawyer José Luis Briceño Barreto, the telephone was illegally detained under duress from the mother of the accused.

    It was confirmed that the WhatsApp assigned to the team was blocked on February 17. Since then, the cell phone has been turned on and off daily, despite the fact that the equipment is in the hands of the prosecutor Botardo, according to the record.




    The text messages from the team use it and are evidenced in an emptying carried out. “She thought no one would notice. Prosecutor Botardo was very reckless in seizing an item that is owned by his defendant to manipulate it while the equipment is in his custody.



    What could be the interest of the prosecutor Katherine Nataly Botardo Pereira in this misappropriation of evidence?

    Apparently, speeding and recklessness were the causes that led to the accident. In the event, Frederykys Sirahis González Rivero and the legal assistant of the Aragua State Public Ministry, Yamifer Verónica Manrique Gutiérrez and the Prosecutor Katherine Nataly Botardo Pereira, all residents of the Girardot municipality and occupants of Corolla Gris, with AC710HG plates, lost their lives. , were injured. .

    To date, this fatality has been kept out of the public eye and the course of the investigations determining the responsibilities is unknown.

    We cannot ignore the moral and emotional damage that these “criminal actions” of Prosecutor Botardo have affected an entire family, which is worth mentioning in passing that she knew in part from her childhood.

    Botardo, acting in complicity with the intellectual authors, agreed to perpetrate this simulation, in fact punishable, which got out of control and ended up becoming a frustrated attempt at international extortion.

    The Public Ministry is expected to rule on the matter in the next few hours.



    From a source close to the lawyer Briceño Barreto, we learned that despite the procedural delay caused by covid-19, Matías Salazar has so far enjoyed good treatment from the authorities in charge of his custody. “I always said that my client is innocent. Justice sometimes takes time, but trust in God always comes ”. Once the facts have been clarified, an official statement from the defense of Matías Salazar is expected. The Attorney General of the Republic, Tareck William Saad, denounced as prosecutors that more than 187 prosecutors have been removed from their positions for lending themselves to acts of corruption. It is important to note how the 25th Prosecutor Katherine Botardo in Aragua put together a file in less than 72 hours, thus charging Matías Salazar.