Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

    Nathan Apodaca, a worker at a potato warehouse in Idaho (USA), has become a true sensation on TikTok.

    His rise to fame was produced thanks to a simple 22-second video that the 38-year-old man uploaded on September 25 to his social network account, used mostly by teenagers, the Los Angeles Times reviews.

    Nathan was on his way to work that day when his vehicle’s battery ran out. The weather was nice, so he decided not to wait for the tow truck, grabbed a bottle of juice and continued the ride on a skateboard.

    The man filmed part of his trip and posted it on TikTok. In the images you can see how he drinks cranberry juice from the Ocean Spray brand and synchronizes his lips with the song “Dreams”, by the group Fleetwood Mac.

    The clip quickly went viral: in the first hour alone it garnered 100,000 views. It now has more than 8 million likes and more than 48 million views.

    Nathan opened his TikTok account last year on the recommendation of his two daughters. He would upload videos dancing to all kinds of rhythms and doing viral challenges. Some of his clips even got thousands of views. However, some time later his account was canceled due to the fact that he used it to promote the caps that he sewed.

    Then he decided to return to the platform under another nickname and began to gain followers. But it was that simple video singing ‘Dreams’ that changed his life.

    Recognition for the author and for the group of 70
    Due to the fact that the man accidentally made such a powerful advertisement for the juice maker, the company gifted him a new cranberry-red vehicle to pair with the drink. Ocean Spray’s director of corporate communications Chris Furzley said the company wanted to support the author of the video, whose car broke down.

    “We noticed the video a week ago and we wanted to participate as well. We heard the story of its author and wanted to help him, so we took the time to develop a plan and buy a new car, ”Furzley said.