Fri. Nov 27th, 2020
    In a report published by the Bloomberg agency, a senior Donald Trump official who asked to keep his identity in reserve made strong revelations regarding Donald Trump's position on the crisis in Venezuela.
    In addition to ensuring that Trump would be contemplating military options as a naval blockade, he also commented that the president ordered his administration to "use all the necessary tools to pressure Maduro" in order to ensure free and fair elections in
    The United States continues to pursue what the official called a "Trump doctrine" to foster democratic governments throughout the Western Hemisphere, similar to the Monroe Doctrine, which warned against European colonization efforts in the Americas two centuries ago.
    Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua remain impediments to that policy, the official said, adding that Russia and China’s actions in the region are unacceptable.
    Finally, the source told Bloomberg that the United States is also frustrated by Spain, as it believes it is "too complacent" with Maduro's allies seeking to flee Venezuela.
    "Spain has hesitated to help expel Maduro and remains the biggest barrier in the EU for the US campaign," said the official.