Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

    Apparently, the economic ravages of Covid-19 have been for some South Florida candidates an unscrupulous tool for political campaigning. Many residents report that hundreds of thousands of dollars of federal funds have been withheld and arbitrarily distributed through “a publicity show” by some elected officials seeking their re-election. All behind the famous “Absentee Ballot”, a voting scheme mostly used by the elderly and disabled, who in the midst of this pandemic have been practically “subjected to change their votes to receive gifts from their tragedies.” These vulnerable elderly voters over the age of 80, who in the majority of those affected by lucidity require help for their mobility, are used to fatten the numbers of votes required to win a political seat, since in most of the local elections the number of abstention exceeds 70 percent (average). Since last week, the absentee ballot has already been received by paper mail to voters, in much of Miami-Dade County and the city of Medley has been no exception.

    Grabbed Infraganti

    Last Saturday, October 3, the 56-year-old commissioner Lily Stefano and her current sentimental partner Fanny Martínez Urbáez were captured on video, visiting in their homes several elderly people who live in mobile homes, to whom days before they gave home appliances. , persuading them that they should vote for her on November 3. In these videos, you can see Commissioner Stefano “struggling for the electoral ballot of the old man who was being beaten,” presumably telling him that she will not allow his opponent to win again, the current mayor Roberto Martell, pretending to take that ballot, which the old man did not allow him. Other voters of the third party who claim to have been visited by Commissioner Stefano, feel fearful of reprisals from her, presumably “because she practices witchcraft and dead animals such as birds or cats have already appeared at their doors in some houses.” Unofficially, it is known that the affected person denounced Commissioner Stefano and his fiancee Fanny Martínez Urbáez in the office of the current mayor Martell, who should present this alleged violation to the electoral authorities in the next few hours.