Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

    Unusual: Novak Djokovic was disqualified from the US Open for hitting a linesman with a ball

    After the scandal that had him as the protagonist, when he was disqualified from the US Open for hitting him
    hitting a line judge, Novak Djokovic withdrew from Flushing Meadows without comment.
    A while later, through his social networks, the world number 1 left his impression on what
    happened in the match against Pablo Carreño Busta.

    “This whole situation has left me really sad and empty. I was able to check what happened to the judge of
    line and from the tournament they told me that thank God she felt good. I am very sorry to have
    caused so much stress. So involuntary. So wrong. I will not reveal your name to respect your
    privacy, “noted No. 1.

    He added: “As for the disqualification, I need to go back inside myself, work on my disappointment and
    turn all this into a lesson for my growth and my evolution as a player and a human being. You
    I apologize to the tournament and all the fans for my behavior. I am very grateful to my team and my family for being my great support, and to my fans for always being with me. Thank you and what
    sorry “.

    The world No. 1 was looking for his 18th Grand Slam title in Flushing Meadows, but was left at
    margin of the final instances due to an incredible circumstance. Djokovic, who seemed not to be looking
    where it hit, he threw the ball with force, raised his hand in apology and ran
    to see the condition of the woman, who was with her hands on her throat and received medical attention in
    middle of the central court.

    The decision to disqualify the player was made jointly by Grand’s supervisor
    Slams, the Swiss Andreas Egli, the tournament referee Soeren Friemel and the linesman Aurelie Tourte, after
    observe the actions and see what happened with the chair umpire.

    Shortly after the incident, the United States Tennis Federation (USTA)
    issued a statement in which it states: “In accordance with the rules of the Grand Slams, after its
    act of intentionally striking a ball in a dangerous or reckless manner on the court,
    or hitting a ball regardless of consequences, the tournament referee disqualified Novak
    Djokovic of the US Open 2020. Due to this sanction, Djokovic will lose all the points for the ranking
    obtained in this US Open and will be fined with the monetary prize that corresponded to him for what was done in
    the tournament, in addition to other fines issued regarding this incident. ”

    Paola Bolivar