Fri. Nov 27th, 2020
    The arrest occurred in September 2019, after Kaia Rolle hit and kicked employees at her school in Orlando, Florida, and was therefore arrested on charges of assault. The responsible officer was fired shortly after the fact.
    A video released by a girl's family shows the 6-year-old girl crying and begging the cops not to arrest her, while one of the agents uses plastic bridles to tie her wrists in a public school.
    The video, taken from the portable camera of one of the police officers, was shared by the Orlando Sentinel newspaper and other media outlets by the girl's family, Kaia Rolle.
    The arrest occurred in September, after the girl hit and kicked employees at her charter school in Orlando, a type of public school but independent of the local school board, so she has some autonomy over schedules and curricula , for example.
    Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon explained that Turner broke the rules by arresting a child under 12 without the approval of a supervisor. "Help me, help me, please!" Exclaims Kaia in the video. While being taken to the vehicle, he says: "I don't want to get me into a police patrol." The second policeman, who has not been identified, responds: “How do you not want to? You have to do it". "Please, please, give me a second chance!" Replies the little girl. The video shows the policeman lifting the girl, sitting her in the back seat of the patrol car, and putting on her seat belt. Shortly after, Turner returns to Lucious & Emma Nixon Academy, where principals look stunned by what they just witnessed.