Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

    The North Korean regime is confining its inhabitants infected with the new Chinese virus in “quarantine camps”, leaving them just like that, without any type of care or food provided, and leaving them to die. This was confirmed in a report by the NGO Helping Hands Korea, based in Seoul and led by the elite activist Tim Peters.

    The buildings have been specially built to house patients in cities near the Korea-China border. Those confined to the camps are not receiving health aid and are being left to starve.

    Remember that Kim Jong-un has argued on different occasions that North Korea has not been affected by Covid-19, something difficult to verify due to the secrecy with which the country is governed.

    Peters also asserted that he was “alarmed” by the situation. He added that it is up to the families of the sick in quarantine to go to the edge of the camps and bring them food. In addition, the medicines sent to him by his blood relatives are “sold on the local black market known as jangmadang,” and they are even provided with home-made herbal remedies collected on the slopes of the mountains.