Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

    Mayor Juan Carlos Bermúdez, who supposedly proudly displays a Foundation shirt that he sponsors with public funds and uses as a front for his political campaign, benefiting from the needs of those affected by Covid-19.





    City of Doral (October 5, 2020). As if the scandals of Doral Mayor Juan Carlos Bermúdez were few this year, a supposed “loyalty award” comes to light, delivered through public funds to the father of Doral City Council paralegal Yamileth Pereyra. Giovanny Pereyra, is an activist from Bermudizta who supposedly hides behind the facade of a social aid foundation (non-profit), under the name Toys For Kids Miami, to do political activism on behalf of Bermúdez in the city of Doral and even the city of Medley. We must remember that Juan Carlos Bermúdez has said publicly that when he hands over his president as mayor of Doral, he will opt for the presidency of Miami-Dade commissioner José “Pepe” Díaz and certainly that circuit includes several nearby cities, which makes it attractive ” using public funds “to promote his name and his benefits for those future voters as well.


    From left to right: Wendy Pineda (Giovanny Pereyra’s partner in his radio program), along with his Giovanny Pereyra, in the center Juan Carlos Bermúdez and to the right two of Bermúdez’s political collaborators, Mrs. Ana María Rodríguez and the commissioner José “Pepe” Díaz.

    Some of the contributions given to the father of Yamileth Pereira (legal assistant of the City of Doral), money from public funds, approved by Juan Carlos Bermúdez. Strong critics of Mr. Bermúdez assure that for years “he has been able to buy the loyalty of many of his collaborators who, through their aid, recruit the votes that have kept him in power for more than 13 years.” Presumably, if so, this would be a practice that violates electoral laws. Contrary to what the Bible says (Matthew 6: 3): “When you help someone in need, do it so that not even your left hand knows what your right hand is doing.” These supposed days of help for those affected by Covid-19 have not been for Juan Carlos Bermúdez more than a “campaign of donations with public funds”, in search of their relationship.




    In the photo, Mr. Giovanny Pereyra door to door in the city of Medley, delivering aid sponsored presumably with public funds managed by Bermúdez, is pressing the electoral map of votes for the elderly, much needed to win the seat within the two years of his ally José “Pepe” Díaz. Dozens of photographs on social networks of Mr. Giovanny Pereyra and even his daughter Yamileth Pereyra, exhibiting their help and electoral campaign interviews, this despite being serving officers, abuse their power using public funds to campaign subliminally for the politics. People close to the municipal government denounce that the quality of life of Mr. Giovanny Pereyra, his son Giovanny Pereyra Jr. and his daughter Yamileth Pereira has notably improved since they are part of the close circle of Bermúdez. In fact, they point out that several of their other companies are allegedly service providers to the city of Doral.


    On August 18, 2020, Giovanny Pereyra acquired 100 percent of the well-known restaurant Sambor’s Café, which had been operating since 1995. Now I change the name to the restaurant Sambor.



    Another of his Doral Noth Bussiness Center companies, which had been closed and inoperative since 2017, curiously reopened last September 2019, a company with which he operates several businesses with the City of Doral, including graphic services through YBC Printing.




    Yamileth Pereyra’s brother, Giovanny Pereyra Jr., registered on August 20, 2019 as a general contractor in the City of Doral and operates under the XPERT ROOFING OF SOUTH FLORIDA CORP.


    The father of the City of Doral paralegal Yamileth Pereyra and his partner Wendy Pineda, also have a recording studio and alliances with well-equipped radio stations, as well as a magazine called The Magazine, under the “confusing figure” of a foundation. non-profit Toys For Kids Miami, with which many affirm that “lobbies and political campaigns are carried out openly for Juan Carlos Bermudez and his allies. Who is really financing all this operation ???