Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

    The micromensajes network will test in Brazil a function inherited from Snapchat and popularized by Facebook or Instagram, which allows to share publications that disappear after 24 hours and will not have public interactions.

    Snapchat invented them, although many do not even remember. They were extended, or rather copied, on Facebook services. From there to the whole world. We are in the era of the ephemeral. Of the content «kleenex» that ends up dying after a day. And nothing more plumb than a repetitive digital ecosystem.

    The “Story” format, publications that disappear after twenty-four hours, will also reach a social network that until now seemed to go free, Twitter. The well-known micromassage network, founded in 2006, will incorporate this format throughout its functions this year, although it will be called “Fleets”. At the moment, they have only transcended some details. Mo Al Adham, Twitter’s product manager in Brazil, says in a statement, “Twitter is the place where you talk about topics that interest you,” but “some people say they feel insecure tweeting because the messages are public and permanent. ».

    The reason is clear: “We want to make it possible for you to have conversations on the platform in new ways, with less pressure and more control.

    ” Brazil is going to be the first market to try this new bet of the American company, which manages more than 330 million accounts worldwide. «Twitter is the place where you talk about topics that interest you. But some people say they feel insecure to tweet because the tweets are public, permanent, ”he says. What impact will it have? Is it a good idea or, on the contrary, will it cause the loss of essence of Twitter? Many questions still unsolved.

    Many of the functions introduced by the service have been inherited from interactions previously used by its users. The community invented the “retuits”, the “hashtag”, the “threads”. These options, which are now so common in the conversation, have partly altered the nature of Twitter, although it had remained aloof from some fashions.


    Although many users usually delete their tweets in an automated or manual way from time to time - there are third-party applications that allow this action to be programmed - one of the secrets of the platform is to have served as a current chronicle. Real time From the moment live. And yes, for a few years it has been used to make «tweet-newspaper archive», to confront past opinions with those of the present to air the shame of many users. Especially from political leaders. A bad tweet has caused layoffs and supreme criticism. Is this over if the Stories are used massively?
    For the known details, these «Fleets» will have the same extension as the «tweets», that is, 280 characters. It will allow users to share messages in text, images and videos. With one caveat: they cannot receive "likes" or be "retweeted." It will not, therefore, have public comments. It will work as a communication, mass free of interactions. And, with it, useful for companies and politicians. "Share what you are thinking more comfortably," he advances. Less positive and transparent for the citizen, although in this way certain “trolls” or impolite users who do not respect the desired codes of conduct may be removed at a stroke. The test will start this week in Brazil and it is not ruled out that it will be extended to other countries.