Tue. Oct 27th, 2020
    Leonardo Montbrun, discipline that pays off and recognition.
    He has the strength and concentration to carry his more than 100 medals
    won hanging on the neck, in different regional competitions,
    National and International and with another good amount of trophies in their
    have, this Venezuelan Sensei continues to leave the name of
    In the 8th Karate Do Shito Ryu World Championship
    Monterrey 2016, held in October this year, managed to get
    be the 5th in the world participating in the category of -65 kg Kumite
    His parents' house is practically decorated with all his
    -As it is a pride for me to belong to the national team of
    Shito Ryu, my parents also have the pride of belonging to everyone
    these achievements-, he says enthusiastically pointing to the walls.
    -My parents have been the engine of all this since I was six, my
    parents and Bruce Lee - (laughs) - because when I saw one of his films I
    excited so much that since that time until my 28 years I have not stopped
    train and prepare, and my old people always encouraging.
    Is discipline the basis of
    Discipline and perseverance. We weren't a family of many
    resources. Paying for an academy was impossible, but thanks to that discipline
    I was almost sick in the Valle Arriba urbanization academy
    from Caracas. The classes were 3 days a week, I went 5. When I turned
    11 years had already become a black belt.
    My business economics studies also came thanks to a
    scholarship and karate continued.
    This is how Leonardo represented the Metropolitan University in Los
    Youth among other championships. With the title Sensei, runner-up
    Karate World Cup at the Shito Ryu World Cup in Moscow 2003; already
    We mentioned the fifth in the world in Monterrey 2016, and twice
    Pan American Champion Shito Ryu Karate in Mexico 2005.
    Karate continues to bring joys, both for the selection of
    Different clubs as for all Venezuela.
    December 2016