Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

    KelvinSecurityLabs is the leading company in the implementation and monitoring of information security and computer security processes at the corporate level, offering a high degree of customization in services, executed by professionals with extensive experience in business network audits, security qualification and solutions.



    Today, corporate networks manage, interconnect and evaluate the entire communication system. With the growing number of mobile employees, more and more devices must be securely integrated and managed.

    KelvinSecurityLabs offers network security without room for attacks, through the integration of a firewall, the resolution of DDoS problems and the analysis of web platforms, the conclusive security report is developed to manage robust solutions improving and shielding business networks.



    At KelvinSecurityLabs we care about your financial security, which is why we enhance the accounts that protect your corporate money, managing security factors that include improvements in credentials and reinforcement in authentication factors. In this way, losses of money, computer theft and financial fraud are avoided.



    With computer security you do not play games or improvise. A large portfolio of clients endorses us as leaders in the field. From banks to app developers they trust us with their digital security, knowing that their networks are safe in our hands.



    Take advantage of this offer! At KelvinSecurityLabs we are always thinking about making your life easier, and this Black Friday we give you 30% OFF on our VIP subscription. Contact us:

    Email: [email protected]
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