Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

    The elections in the United States this year have been full of denunciations on the part of some candidates, including the seats to the presidency.

    Despite the existence of complaints of all kinds, those of absent ballots and early voting are the most questioned.

    In the city of Doral, the candidate and mayor Juan Carlos Bermúdez, is at his lowest level of popularity but even so he almost triples his vote history during 2016.

    Other candidates who doubled their voting records were his allies Claudia Mariaca and Oscar Puig.

    “In our most recent Doral voter registration, mail-in votes totaled about 6,000, but during early voting week, that registration mysteriously rose to more than 9,000.”

    This statement was made by one of the opposition candidates to Bermúdez, amid his outrage at the results.

    Another event of interest was a strange eviction of personnel in the electoral center located in the city of Doral and headquarters of the early voting, due to a fire alarm, right where the vote counting is handled.

    No local media said anything about this emergency.

    This event was confirmed by Mr. Mark Luben Console, Miami-Dade Polling Center security officer.

    “We were alerted to a smoke, like toast and the procedure is to evacuate all personnel from the building until the contractors in charge of the security system verify the alarm.”

    Another of the questioned votes were those that approved 6 Bermudian amendments, which many call “anti constitutional”, which each exceeded 14,000 votes in favor.

    “Unfortunately, Doral has lost its democracy and is on its way to becoming a municipal dictatorship.”

    This is assured by the president of the Doral chamber of commerce, Emmanuel “Manny” Sarmiento, who these amendments will give Bermúdez more power than he has already established.

    Another of the warnings that Juan Carlos Bermúdez made public to his 3 opponents of Venezuelan origin, is the creation of an ordinance to be more rigorous in requirements that accept registrations of candidates for mayor of Doral.

    One of the 6 ordinances promoted by the Bermúdez coalition, establishes a practically non-qualifying requirement to choose as city manager, a key position currently occupied by a “finger assigned by Bermúdez”, which will allow perpetuity in the position.