Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

    Francisco Ameliach, former governor of Carabobo state, would be conspiring to remove Rafael Lacava from his chair, who was supposedly resting due to Covid-19.

    The Carabobo state experienced one of the most tense moments politically speaking, a wave of rumors, generated by the networks and especially by the late news, made us think that Governor Rafael Lacava had been removed and Captain Vielma had been placed in his place . Blackberry.
    The situation worsened when the governor published his post-Covid19 condition and Nicolás Maduro urged him to call him.
    All this deception placed former governor Francisco Ameliach at the center of the conspiracy, since as is public knowledge, behind the purchase of the Noti Tarde, it is indicated, as responsible for this economic operation and for no one it is a secret, that later of the confrontation between the two, in the case of the food withheld in the hands of his pupil Miguel Flores, the relatives did not come out very well to say, in this regard the former governor pointed out … “I have nothing to do with that operation, unable of sabotaging my own party in the aftermath of elections like those that are coming “with this statement he tries to nullify any suspicion, but the Carabobeño political world casts doubt on it, since it is known in other countries. Instances that Francisco Ameliach, has sworn political revenge and his stay in Caracas, It has not served for anything other than, to put the Carabobeño governor bad, even trying to place in the imaginary that LACAVA intends to be presidential, it is speculated that the instrument for this An infamous target would be the ex-convict, Salvatore Lucchese, who, through the social network Instagram, does not stop his attacks against Governor Carabobeño.



    It will dawn and we will see, but in Carabobo the heirs of the coast do not cease in their aspirations to divide the Bolivarian revolution.

    Ernesto Silva
    Portal de noticias Carabobo Positiva