Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

    The Facebook development team said that one of the main reasons why people don’t call their friends and family is because they don’t know when they are available. Facebook launched the CatchUp application which shows when people are free to talk on the phone. “Messaging and video calling are great ways to send a quick update or connect with someone face-to-face, but talking to someone on the phone offers a unique balance of convenience and personal connection,” wrote Nikki Shah, product manager on the blog at New Product Experimentation CatchUp has an interface very similar to that of other instant messaging applications, but this one divides the contacts into two groups: “Ready to talk” and “disconnected”. It also offers the option of making individual or group calls. The app is now available for trial, and for a limited time, in the United States for iOS and Android devices. Facebook emphasizes that NPE applications are experimental, so they can change at any time.