Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

    The Right of Reply … Both Juan Carlos Bermúdez, as well as some media with alleged Bermudiztas journalists, misrepresented and even omitted the use of evidence obtained through public records of the City of Doral. “He hoped that the residents would wake up from this Bermudizta burundanga. I will continue to bring this awakening to the voter with good spirit and trusting in God ”. This is what Víctor Cámara commented after these publications came out.




    Block 1: JC Bermúdez Lies! On May 15, the aid had to be approved through Doral’s reserve funds (about 50 million USD).


    Block 2: Free Attention seeks JC Bermúdez! Use public funds and donation aid for your #DoralProud campaign

    Block 3: JC Bermúdez playing the Hero! Miami-Dade Funds are Federal aid. Doral was able to use its reserves in May. (Just in the week of the absentee ballots he announces them)

    Block 4: JC Bermúdez if I use the Doral reserves when it suits him! I spend more than 100,000 dollars on elective donations through the web. Buying Votes ??? Final block: Misinformation and lies is what JC Bermúdez has been offering to the residents of Doral for over 13 years.

    JC Bermúdez uses a pandemic tragedy to campaign in cold blood. We publicly invite JC Bermúdez to deny his abuse of power and the recent public record numbers (ignored and given to the media for years):

    PRR02414 (Acknowledgment)

    PRR02406 (Acknowledgement)

    PRR02392 (Acknowledgement)

    PRR02377 (Acknowledgement)

    PRR02324 (Acknowledgement of Amended Request)

    PRR02323 (Acknowledgement)

    PRR02228  (Acknowledgement V. City of Doral and/or Juan Carlos Bermudez) “all cases and/or settlements”

    PRR02293 (Acknowledgement) “All Travel Expenses Report from Juan Carlos Bermudez”

    PRR02248 (Acknowledgement)