Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

    President Donald Trump “is considering military options in Venezuela,” said a senior US government official. One of these options is the naval blockade. Washington will give more details within a month, when it publishes its strategy for the Western Hemisphere. This strategy the official called “Trump doctrine.”

    A senior US government official said the president, Donald Trump, “is frustrated.”

    Frustrated because the pressure against the regime of Nicolás Maduro “is giving too slow results” and for that reason “is considering military options in Venezuela, including a naval blockade”.

    The statements are reproduced by the Bloomberg agency. These took place in an informative session for journalists this weekend. According to the official’s version, Trump is asking the administration to use “all the tools necessary to pressure Maduro in order to ensure free and fair elections in Venezuela.”

    Democratic elections that “are not possible if Maduro is still in power,” he added.

    He said the United States is not alone in military efforts against Maduro. “Some Latin American leaders recognize that military force may be necessary because slow efforts to overthrow Maduro are unsustainable.”

    He recalled that, in the past, back in 2017, Trump asked Latin American presidents if the military option was suitable for Venezuela. In response to the ALnavío newspaper at an event in Madrid, former Brazilian president Michel Temer said that at a meeting in New York Trump asked him and Colombian ex-president Juan Manuel Santos if a military intervention against Maduro was possible. Both told him no.

    The senior official announced that “approximately within one month” the US will launch a strategy for the Western Hemisphere in which it will detail the objectives in Latin America.

    This strategy has been dubbed “Trump doctrine.” A plan similar to the Monroe Doctrine because the objective is to “foster democratic governments” in the continent. “Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua remain impediments,” he explained, while cataloging Russia and China ‘s efforts to support Maduro as “unacceptable.”