Wed. Oct 28th, 2020
    Countless complaints have spread through the network against well-known shipping company to Venezuela and Panama, this is BVAExport.
    We are a company dedicated to providing logistics services in the area of ​​transport under the concept of "Multimodal Transport" Air, Maritime and Land.
    We handle cargo from the United States to Venezuela and Panama by air and sea with highly qualified personnel in the field of export, import, packaging and clearance of merchandise.
    Testimonials from annoying customers for packages that should already be in Venezuela and for those who paid the cost of their shipment do not appear anywhere.
    The company is not responsible for losses of these and also refuses to cancel the cost of them and return the payment for their services.
    Annoying customers have contacted BVAExport without getting an answer.
    One of the many cases in which the company BVAExport has refused to respond is a package valued at almost one thousand dollars and that BVAExport refuses to replenish the cost of the same and does not agree with this also to return the money of the shipping payment , referring to the fact that no insurance was paid for it, however, even BVAExport employees deny that they work with such insurance.