Fri. Nov 27th, 2020
    The state of Florida, in the United States, has been the epicenter of judicial processes that have put corruption in the eye of the hurricane that involves Venezuelan government officials, Venezuelan businessmen, beauty queens and even media outlets opposing the administration of Mature.
    One of the most emblematic is the case of the former Hugo Chavez, Alejandro Andrade who was arrested in 2018 after years of investigations against him, after having prepared to collaborate with the American justice, who recently revealed a case involving the newspaper El National and its owners.
    The former president of Chávez confessed that in June 2013 he attended a meeting at the fifth Macondo, residence of the journalist Miguel Henrique Otero and his wife, Antonieta Jurado, located in the exclusive urbanization Los Chorros, in Caracas, to discuss an article that then He was preparing against the ex-escort of Hugo Chavez in the newsroom of El Nacional, newspaper Context reported.
    Andrade presented alleged evidence that at that meeting, Antonieta Jurado asked him for a million dollars so that El Nacional would not continue the publications against him. The investigation carried out by the prosecutor's office in Miami and the FBI shows that the amount was used by the Jury to buy a property in the state of Florida.
    It is not the first time that Antonieta Jurado is splashed by corruption scandals. A few years ago it was known that he received money from Derwick Associates and that Nelson Rivera, in charge of "Literary Paper" at El Nacional, received money and was an employee of Derwick Associates.