Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

    Maylen Noguera gives us a week full of, as she has already accustomed her audience, always giving her best.


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    The first guest of the week will be Aroldo Betancourt He started from a young age doing children’s theater, later he was part of the University theater of Carabobo. Years later, he was in Grupo Actoral 80 to later reach television, highlighting the most beloved channel of Venezuelans RCTV.

    Aroldo is a father with all the law, he loves and he is super proud of his two children, Ronald and Adelmo who are his source of inspiration day by day. Another of its facets that leads to par with the performance is that of fruit growing, which by the way very few people know, calls itself a “working man” and there is the least debt of them because cultivating fruit trees deserves much of its weather.

    He has three decades of artistic projection and has participated in more than twenty-five theater pieces, including El Pez que Fuma; Caligula; Beloved Enemy; His Romantic Novel in the Air; Sacred and Obscene; The Pelican; At the right hand of God the Father; Siesta Time Games and The Declaration. Aroldo has interpreted a number of feature films including: Retén de Catia; Terra Nova; Lonely Boy; 100 years of Forgiveness and Love in Concrete.

    A man with a humble heart of which all speak only good things. Aroldo says he is very proud that life has given him many recognition of which he is very proud ”, and Venezuelans are also proud of you, gentleman of acting. Currently promoting the movie “100 Years of Forgiveness”.

    A film by Alejandro Saderman, based in the crisis that shook the Venezuelan banking system, where four friends belonging to the battered middle class decided to carry out an assault of “white gloves” by transferring the money to an open account on a Caribbean island.

    With a wonderful cast headed by Orlando Urdaneta, Daniel Lugo, Mariano Álvarez, Elluz Peraza, Alicia Plaza, Flavio Caballero, Alba Robersi, Dad Dagher, Cayito Aponte, Manuel Salazar.




    And tuesday arrives Michels Skwierinski Actor Merideño who plays nothing more and nothing less than the Venezuelan, hero of Ecuadorian independence, Antonio José de Sucre.

    Michels has a degree in Acting from the Universidad de los Andes, Luis María Rivas Davila order, awarded for his high academic performance. As an actor, he began his training with the group TATEIJU with whom he toured various locations in Spain with different stagings. His acting career in Venezuela covered several independent film and television projects, between fiction and animation.

    Among his roles as a highly creative and versatile artist, his performance as casting director, director of actors, university teacher, producer and a slight foray as a screenwriter for children’s animations stands out. He is currently based in Ecuador, a country that not only opened the doors for him but also hugged him strongly and projected him on the big screen as the protagonist of the film “Advantage” by the American Kristian Mckay.

    He is currently awaiting the premiere of his latest film “Camino a la Libertad” by Guayaquil’s Veiky Valdéz, a film in which he plays none other than Venezuelan, the hero of Ecuadorian independence, Antonio José de Sucre.





    This Wednesday, Leonidas Urbina, an actor from Merida, arrives who leaves Venezuela in the highest place in the world, with more than 20 years of experience as a film, TV and theater actor.

    Leonidas is characterized by his rigorous preparation in the psyche of each character in the world of acting and where he is totally uninhibited of Leonidas Urbina allowing his characters to take control, hence Leonidas leaves his personal mark on each performance and what has been used to earn international recognition.

    Leonidas is an actor who works with dedication and a desire to excel himself, a quality that has earned him prestigious national and international recognition, with extensive professional training in Acting, Vocal Technique with different accents, Body Expression and Theater Design. An avid script reader, he is able to quickly take on the creation of characters as required production.

    His academic training in theater and experience acting in movies and TV series for Netflix, HBO and Movistar Play, among others, have been his best school. Among one of the many performances by Leonidas Urbina is that of Héctor Lavoe in 2019.

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    Music Thursday with Mona Caló, current vocalist of Los Melodicos, claims to have been born a singer and actress, since since she has the use of reason she has formed groups of Christmas bonuses, Christmas carols, parrandas, bagpipes, waltzes and meringues Venezuelans.

    Of overwhelming artistic concern, this young girl from Merida begins in world theater, who from an early age taking her histrionic skills on tour in Europe as part of the TATEIJU Theater Company. Parallel to his studies in Performing Arts at the Universidad de Los Andes, he began his presentations as a soloist vocalist of Blues in the renowned Merida group MR. COOL & BLUESCHASERS.

    Later he forms his own SD5 Band where he performs genres such as Rock, Blues, and Pop Covers. American and English. He participates in high-profile shows such as The Tribute to Pink Floyd “Pinkfonik” with The Merida Symphony Orchestra; “Tanguedia”. The Diary of an Angel “where he interprets such demanding themes as those of Astor Piazzola and Gotan Project, in the Tango genre. He has been the voice of more than 25 commercial jingles for different brands and has 6 short films as protagonist and 1 feature film to his credit. Mona Caló arrives at The Melodicos del Maestro RENATO CAPRILES Orchestra from the hand of its current Musical and Artistic Director, Iliana Capriles, debuting on March 14, 2015.

    Countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and El Salvador have already been able to verify and enjoy his talent and prodigious voice, auguring him much success. Mona Caló is Voice of The Record Production “EI 102 … LOS MELODICOS..LA GENERACIÓN DE RELEVO”




    And it will close Al100% with Malena González. She started at a very early age in the theater, there she discovered her passion for acting, so she decided to study for a Bachelor of Arts, “Performance Mention” at Boston University, United States, where she obtained a mention MAGNA CUM LAUDE. Malena has completed specializations in New York, United States, such as The Method dictated by Robert Catle, Demo Reel Workshop dictated by Juan Pablo Felix and The Scritp dictated by Robert Mckee.

    In addition to special performances as part of his training such as acting for Shakespeare with Carolina Eves and acting for Cinema with Thomas Babson from the series Cheers. Subsequently, he traveled to Venezuela to study the Acting Master Class dictated by Paul Calderón and a full diploma course on Actor Training for Venevisión Television, the television channel where he later worked. Throughout her career, Malena González has walked through different areas of the arts such as acting in theater, cinema, television and dance.

    Malena González’s film career began in 2000, with the movie Anonymous in which she played the character of Director Director Enelio Fariña’s Patty. Later, he participated in the films El Caracazo (film) by Román Chalbaud and “Miranda” by Diego Rísquez. In 2009, he had the opportunity to work on the film Venezzia starring Alfonso Herrera (actor) and Ruddy Rodríguez, there he played the character of Celeste. Some time later, specifically in 2013, Malena was part of the leading cast of the film A La Longest Distance, directed by Claudia Pinto Emperador, winner of the Camilo Vives Platinum Award for Best First Film of Ibero-American Fiction8 9.

    Then in 2014, he filmed “Solo por Dos”, a feature film directed by Roberto Santiago, in 2015, “Los Ocho Seis”, 10 11 by the director Javier Mujica, in addition to “Muerte en Berxaca”, 12 13 Directed by Caupolicán Ovalles, released in April 2018. At the beginning of 2018 Malena traveled to Havana, Cuba, to star in the film “The Rabbit”, 14 15 this film is in post production and constitutes a further step towards the internationalization of her career as a film actress.

    Malena runs a Live on Saturdays with very interesting topics. Malena confessed to us that projects are cooked in Mexico and that we will soon know about them.





    Thus Maylen Noguera closes a successful new week, delighting us with actors and music that we love and recommend # Al100%.

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